Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation In Kalamazoo, MI, And Surrounding Areas

Adams Heating and Cooling has a combined experience of 99+ years in the air conditioning field and all of our installers live in the Kalamazoo area. We can provide you with outstanding service in a quick and professional manner. We offer same-day service and have a technician on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your convenience.



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AC Installation

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation - Adams Heating & Cooling

It’s easy to get an estimate from Adams Heating and Cooling. First, schedule an appointment either by email or phone. During the estimate we will go over your goals for the new system efficiencies, how long you plan on living in the home, and what your current utility bills look like.

The answer to these questions will help us make suggestions on what system will make the most sense for your current situation. Next, we will give you options on the different systems, along with the pricing. If you decide to go ahead with the installation, we will set up a date and time to get it done. We won’t pressure you with our approach and we’re backed by an A+ rating at the BBB.

Air Conditioning
Replacement Or Upgrade

If you are looking to replace an existing air conditioner due to a failure, we can send out one of our service technicians to assess the unit. Once inspected, they’ll provide you the cost and options of repair or replacement. If your current AC unit is functioning but it’s costing you a lot of money to operate, then it may be time to look at a more efficient system.

Air Conditioning Installation - Adams Heating & Cooling

We can estimate your future savings on AC service with the efficiencies of certain units, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. Many of our products can also earn you rebates from Consumers Energy.

How To Choose

Air Conditioning Installation - Adams Heating & Cooling

When deciding on a brand or type of system, there are several factors to consider. What are the warranties like? What is the cost difference? What system will work best for my home? How much money can I save on my utilities? Are there rebates from the power company? How long will I live in this house?

If you currently have a forced air furnace, then you can look at a Daikin AC system. Their efficiencies range from 13 SEER to 21 SEER.

Adams can also make recommendations for ductless air conditioners. If you have electric heat or a boiler system, then a high velocity system or mini split AC system is a great way to go.

Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi are well-known and proven mini split systems that are consumer favorites!

AC Installation Cost

The cost of a system is determined by the size of the home and the area being cooled. Installing an AC for the first time will require some electrical work where the outdoor unit sits so that it can be connected to the furnace. Most furnaces 20 years old or newer are made to accommodate AC.

Air Conditioning Installation - Adams Heating & Cooling

Financing: There are financing options available for home improvement projects such as installation and setup of an AC system. See our financing page for more.